Various essays and articles I’ve written in the past, most of which I’m fairly happy with.  They generally run from one to two thousand words or so.


Appuyer sur la touché START — Part One

Can games be used to help teach something meaningful, like learning a new language? Can we still make them as exciting, entertaining, and marketable as AAA games? As a game designer and someone trying to learn French, I wanted to find out first hand.

Games Professional Awareness – Censorship and Social Responsibility

After more than a decade of controversy, legal disputes, and research, it would seem that there is still no conclusive evidence to directly connect videogames with acts of violence and crime.  Despite this, videogames are, and will probably remain for some time, a controversial medium.  This essay considers the potential dilemmas concerning whether or not industry professionals have an obligation to act in socially responsible manner.

Games Professional Awareness – Casual Games

As the casual games industry grows, significant concerns regarding plagiarism, piracy, market saturation, and limited business models have been raised.  At the 2008 Casual Games Summit, Gamelab’s Eric Zimmerman declared the industry as “financially and creatively dead” unless developers took action to steer the industry in a different direction.   To examine whether the casual games industry is merely a “short lived fad” or not, this essay examine sthe origins and drivers behind the industry’s growth; the state of the market; and look at the future opportunities that could shape the industry in the near future.


Don’t criticize what you can’t understand

I read something recently that challenged me to revise my entire view on how I understand and appreciate art. And by art I don’t just mean pictures, but music, games, poetry, TV, film, guitar solos – everything.

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