TRW Fighting System

Time to look at the fighting system of The Real World mod in a bit more detail.

The Basics

The basic controls haven’t changed all that much from Kung Fu 3, although there are some differences.  You have several basic move types:

Jabs and Punches – Pressing MB1 performs a standard light jab.  If you continue to press MB1, you will perform a string of different punch attacks, ending with a more powerful finisher.  Punches are fast and versatile attacks, which can be used to stun or punish enemies.

Quick Kicks – Press forwards or diagonal forwards and press MB2 to perform a quick kick.  You can perform two different kicks per direction (6 in total).  Quick kicks are great for fighting both offensively and defensively.

Jump Kicks – Run forwards or diagonal forwards, and press MB2 to perform a jumping kick.  Jump kicks are perfect for opening a combo, putting pressure on an enemy, or causing heavy damage.

Aerobatics – Moving or running backwards or sideways and pressing MB2 will cause your character to perform defensive dodges and flips.  Mastering these techniques is essential for avoiding heavy damage.

Intermediate Techniques

To be honest, these techniques aren’t that difficult to activate, but some are context sensitive.

Combo Finishers – These are flashy special moves mainly used for ending combos.  Towards the end of your combo perform a quick kick followed by a jab to set up a finisher.  Press jab again (mb1) to activate the attack.  The One’s forward finisher is a devastating machine-gun punch  followed up by his signature Superpunch.

Crouch attacks – Similar to the finishers, hold down Crouch and press jab to set up, and jab once again to activate.   Neo will perform a sweepkick and Trinity will perform her signature kick.

Takedown – jump into an enemy character at close range to perform a takedown attack.  This includes Neo’s signature lobby kick.

Wall kicks – Some characters can perform a wall kick.

Back kick – A special quick kick which attacks enemies behind you.  If it connects with an enemy or wall, you may also ‘bounce’ off them and perform a powerful forwards jump kick.

Jumping split kick – quickly jump up on the spot to perform a splits kick which knocks back enemies approaching from the side.  If the ceiling is low, you can also grab hold of it while airborne, and kick enemies in front of you.  Difficult to use effectively, but pretty awesome if you land it.

Types of attack

Like most fighting systems, the attacks in TRW can be broken down into several types, which describe where they hit and how they affect the enemy.

Stun – light hits sometimes don’t knock down the enemy, but just stun them a bit.  Use the opportunity to hit them again! :P

Knockdown – Your standard kick to the head will simply knock the enemy down (usually they fall backwards a bit).  Perfect for combos.

Crumple / double over – Most punches and hits to the stomach cause the enemy to double over and crumple on the spot.  This is ideal for follow up attacks.

Flyback – Heavy impacts will send the character flying backwards, often tumbling into other enemies or crashing into walls.  These are some of the most powerful hits in the game

Trip / Launch – Foot sweeps and similar attacks will knock the enemy off their feet and launch them straight up into the air.  If you’re fast, you can sometimes land additional hits while they’re still in the air, or as they try to get up off the ground.  This is also a great way to  disarm an enemy.

Wakeup game:

When an enemy is on the ground you can finish them in two ways, depending on whether they’ve managed to get onto their feet or not.

  • On the ground any quick low hit will knock them out for good.
  • On their knees, a kick will send them sliding backwards, and trip up other enemies.

Juggle game:

When you’ve knocked out an enemy, they will briefly enter a juggle mode, where your hits will cause them to float and juggle in the air.  You can use this opportunity to perform flashy combos to finish them.  Bonuses and explosions are awarded for high scoring combos.

Boss game:

Boss characters always have their guard up, and can easily defend against simple kicks and stray punches.  The trick is to put pressure on them and break their guard with a combo.

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  1. The Trip/Launch are probably my favourite. Not sure how to trigger it but I’ve had an enemy launch me (Neo as The One) into a backflip stun and the camera rolled around with me. Very cool effect, hope we all get to play the full version some day.

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