Mortal Kombat!

Your soul is MINE!

What was possibly more surprising than DNF coming out next year was just how impressive the new Mortal Kombat is looking.

I just love the pr drive behind this — remakes/reboots are usually a sign of running out of ideas, but so far Ed Boon and the team are saying ALL the right things.  Just watch the new MKast where they talk about gameplay: – Part 1 – Part 2

The game looks sick, and as a lifelong fan of the series, it’s hard not to get excited.  I just hope the game is going to have the depth and fluidity as other competitive fighters (namely Tekken and StreetfighterII 4).  It certainly looks like WBGames are at least giving the team some time and flexibility to make the best possible game, so fingers crossed they can pull it off (and not get distracted with pointless mini games like kart racing and puzzle kombat) .

In the meantime, here’s some really cool videos:

With the new Tekken/Streetfighter mashups coming soon, clearly next year is going to be amazing for fighting games.  However, of all the fighting games out there, MK had, in my opinion, the most interesting characters and storylines (until the third game).  There’s masses of potential here.

Can’t wait – probably my most anticipated game right now.