Gears of War – belated first impressions

I guess I’m the last person to play Gears of War, but here’s my initial thoughts… it’s much harder than I expected it to be, but still very awesome. The rest of my team seem to die really quickly though — especially when a gun turret is involved. Kind of hard to flank the enemy when my guys are all dead. Still, it’s very satisfying when you’re the last man standing at the end of a battle. :)

Having said that, the Berserker was a lot easier than I was led to believe:

(above: Dara O Briain — comedian and self-confessed n00b :D).

It’s mentioned in the manual, but you really can see the paintball influence in the gameplay. Not just the cover system, but the way the combat encounters are designed, and how everything is much more slow paced and tactical. I’m not surprised that every developer and his uncle has since included their own cover system.

There are a few kinks — I’ve died a couple of times rolling into the open, when I simply wanted to take cover behind a pillar, and I’m finding the chainsaw too cumbersome to use effectively (but when it works!) — but I think that’ll come down to practise. Lastly, I’m finding it pretty hard to distinguish friend from foe in the heat of battle — it’s not too intrusive, but there have been times when I’ve lost opportunities because I had to check my target before firing. Again, chalk that up to experience, but the result is quite a steep learning curve.

Is that John ‘Bender’ DiMaggio voicing Fenix?  Too cool.