Please support Max Payne modding at the Moddb awards!

As you may know, it’s that time of the year again where Moddb has its annual Mod of The Year awards.

Unfortunately it’s very difficult for Max Payne modders to get noticed, because mods for Half-Life and Unreal are so much more popular. However, YOU can make a difference by spreading the word and voting for your favourite Max Payne mods:

As far as I know, voting is free and doesn’t require registration (although registered votes are worth more) – so feel free to vote for as many or as few mods as you want. It would be great to see some of the up and coming Max Payne mods shortlisted this year, and to remind the world that Max Payne modding is still alive and well.

The ones I know are taking part are:

The Real World – Maddieman, Froz, Ken_Y, Steve_R, Suprakarma, and others.
Dawn of The Dead  – Halloween4
Katana – Maddieman and StrationAce
Silent Hill – Neo16
(if you want your mod added to list, let me know your details)

Last year ‘Dawn of The Dead’, ‘Max Payne University’, and ‘7th Serpent’ got shortlisted; and Katana won the ‘honourable mention’ for ‘Editor’s choice: Singleplayer mod of the year’; so it IS possible to do well at this event, and your votes DO count.

Remember, you’re not just voting for the individual mods and their authors, but for Max Payne modding as well! — Every vote counts! :D

Thanks for your support, as always.  ;)