Katana: LEGO Edition

Over the years I’ve had a few Katana fan works sent to me (mostly drawings and paintings); but just today I received possibly the strangest, yet most incredible one of them all — that’s right, Katana has been immortalized as a LEGO stop-motion movie! :O

It was created by James Newman, and features the Katana dude (aka Tao) chillin’ in the Club Axis, contemplating a change in career, when suddenly a bunch of mercenary goons burst in on the scene. In true Katana fashion… well, I’ll let you see for yourself; but rest assured, it’s pretty faithful to the mod. :)

Check it out, it’s incredible:

What I love about it, apart from the fantastic animation and camerawork, is how well it fits with the overall story — like a prologue.

Outstanding work James, thanks for sharing!