Randal and Rogue-Ops (Deceased)

Normally I’d write a postmortem type thing on what I thought went right and what went wrong on a project like this, but in respect to the guys that worked on this I’m just going to re-post what I wrote at ModDb…


Randal Hunter



Okay, sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but I’ve spoken to the project leaders of this mod, and yes, unfortunately the mod is dead. Over the last year or so there were a few attempts to kick-start it, but I think it’s very unlikely that Rogue-Ops will be resurrected anytime soon.

I don’t think it would be fair on the guys that worked on this, especially my friend StratonAce, for me to post my opinions on why it died (since I had no actual part in development); but it’s pretty much the same story as a lot of total conversions. The mod was very ambitious, and the team probably didn’t appreciate how much work was required until it was too late. No shame there — I don’t know of a single modder out there who hasn’t made the same mistake at least once (myself included). Also, having neither of the original Katana creators on board probably didn’t help the motivation of the team (I didn’t join because of TRW, and StratonAce left after a year or so to get a job).

Again, I’m very sorry if you were looking forward to Rogue-Ops, but with no real updates or visible progress since 2005-2006, I don’t think this was a complete surprise. :(