Okay, so I’ve effectively given up on MySpace for now – too much work, and not enough friends customisation. Also, AlianAnt spammed the hell out of the comments — doesn’t seem right that you can’t reply to them directly, like you can here. >:(

Anyway, this is the new blog to go with my updated website. It’s just a bog standard wordpress one, with no real frills, but hopefully that’s all I need. ADM used to offer a journal/blog thing on MPDev.com a few years ago, and that seemed to work out quite well until the whole site died an unnatural death. I’ll probably cover similar topics – games design, modding, etc; but include posts on some more personal, non-gaming, interests as well.

As for Hell’s Kitchen, I hope you like the makeover. As you can see (or not, as I haven’t uploaded it just quite yet), it’s more of a portfolio of my work now, than the modding/news site it used to be. The idea is that all the major mod updates will be included in this blog, and on the separate dev sites on Levels4you.com and moddb.com. Hellskitchen will primarily showcase finished work, or wip stuff. It’s still under construction, with some pages/content missing, but the basic layout is more or less final.

As for updates, I’m not sure how frequent they’ll be. On a good month, perhaps as frequent as daily, but probably less – depending on how busy I am, and how much interest the blog generates. Also, if there are any topics you want me to cover (modding or otherwise), by all means suggest them in the comments section.

Thanks for reading!

4 thoughts on “Hello!

  1. Well, still I am way too much into university work–I guess that never ceases. And still I am working on computergames and -modding researchwise; trying to write everything up. Through a chain of accidents I fell into “Second Life”, nearly left it again for good after just some weeks, but then found the “real thing”: A li’l community with the same ambience of the MP-community from ye ole days. Terribly creative and truly nice chaps, who indeed make the impossible possible … they make a “real computergame” out of SL ;-) The plan at the moment is to make my adventures in “The City of Abaddon” (cyberpunked eye-candy, Strat would love it, too), where I hang around in SL with the gang there, the closing chapter of my work on gamemodding, cyberculture and the like. And I am lookng forward to Alan Wake, of course.

  2. Don’t get me started on university. ;) Surely 3-4 years is enough for anyone, let alone 6 or more (and both my parents work at Stirling Uni to boot).

    Yeah, I noticed your blog posts on SL a while back, but wasn’t quite sure what to make of it. Looks interesting, though. Will you be including it in your Max Payne research or is it a separate project?

    There are a lot of interesting online communities out there though – particularly the ones surrounding content creation for software. I’ve been following the Poser community for years (but not interacting), and that’s interesting because 1) the average age is much older, and 2) there’s a strong commercial element (people selling their creations). Has made for some interesting politics over the years, in an otherwise strong, and very pleasant community. The Sims community seems to have gone down a similar route too (sigh, if only I could model like SteveR…)

    Anyway, all the best zeph. :)

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